Sustainable Ethos

Heirloom emerges from a history in Environmental science, Sustainable design, Interior design and Community projects with constructed Permaculture demonstration garden for workshops and local group meetings.

We continue a strong advocacy for sustainable resources. Some examples include:

  • The Ecowool cloth used on our cushions is certified sustainable under European standards.
  • We use a range of hemp fabrics for our cushion covers.
  • The process of dyeing with native plants is to minimise toxins.
  • The foliage used in our dyes are sourced from our own business premises and nursery which operates a permaculture production system.
  • Rainwater is collected. Filtered water is commonly used which is recycled into the production system.
  • Plant foliage is recycled and composted.
  • Waste cloth and textiles are re-used and made into our packaging.
  • Wool fibres for felting support small scale farmers and cottage industries.
  • Where possible, we select cruelty free to animals and Fair Trade.
  • We use GreenPower electricity and dream of solar power in the future.