Our Top 5 Favourite Reasons to Support Handmade

The majority of our everyday products have been manufactured overseas, often in conditions that aren't ideal. Much to our delight, the bespoke/handmade movement has been gaining momentum in Australia. At Natural Base, we source much of our sustainable materials locally and are proud that our goods are lovingly handmade in Australia.

Our Top 5 favourite reasons to support local handmade goods:

#1   You are purchasing a completely unique product that someone has crafted with care and thought.

#2  You are supporting real people in your community who are using their creative talents.

#3  You can be the first of your friends to discover a new local designer or craftsperson! (We all love bragging rights!)

#4  You are buying QUALITY! Not a mass produced plastic product that is engineered to break after a short time and added to landfill.

#5  You are caring for our planet. Materials shipped around the world create more pollution. Buying local = reduced carbon emissions!

The recent ABC series, Bespoke, (below)  is well worth a watch - it showcases the rising hand made movement in Australia. We reckon you'll enjoy it. http://www.abc.net.au/tv/programs/bespoke/

Have you purchased a memorable hand made product that you want to tell us about? Or are you a crafty person yourself? Maybe you are a crochet guru or master of home brewing?
Share your stories with us below - we'd love to know!

December 03, 2015 — Kim Shipton