Whilst governments continue to procrastinate over meeting zero net carbon emissions (particularly in Australia which continues to log and destroy old growth forests and of course, mine and sell coal), planting trees to rebuild forests are key to the future. Trees are the lungs of our planet which absorb carbon dioxide.

Good initiatives exist such as by companies like @greeningaustralia who are planting 200,000 native plants across Australia per year, “in areas where more than 85% of natural habitat has been lost”.

But why do we continue to destroy the solution? Why are we permitting further destruction of established forests? For example, the Brazilian government continues to clear the Amazon for development and agriculture; one football field every minute - https://www.bbc.com/news/science-environment-48827490

In Australia, we have cleared 50% of forests over the last 200 years: a country which faces dire drought conditions and water theft of our major rivers which are now dyeing. The answer lies obviously in the greater powers putting an end to abusing natural reserves such as river systems but for all of us to work on rebuilding ‘forests’ wherever possible, under common sense practice. Journalist Elizabeth Farrelly expands on this -


For further research into the solutions to Climate Change we recommend Tim Flannery's books: 'The Climate Cure' and 'Sunlight and Seaweed'.

IMAGE SOURCE: Environmental Defence Fund