Biophilic Design is described as ‘love of nature’ and ‘love for life’. The design principle connects people to nature through sensory experiences in architecture, interiors and the built environment. The proven health benefits to humans through our interaction with plants, animals and ecosystems are undeniable.

Heirloom Fibrecraft designs textiles based on Biophilic principles and Nature conservation. Principal Kim Shipton is almost obsessive about Australian native flora, whether it's designing gardens, using cut flora for arrangements, photographic studies or extracting botanical dyes for textile craft projects.    

Kim explains "Originally, Heirloom's all-natural textiles were coloured and printed using a signature palette of plant extract, created with over 40 species of natives which were applied to ethically produced wool and silk textiles. Today, I like to photograph floral compositions which are then digitally rendered and printed into cushions, upholstery fabrics, wall papers, table runners, napery and tea towels.  Heirloom's textile designs are complimentary to our curated collection of timber furniture, the neutral tones of our upholstery and sofas, glass accessories, ceramics and feature lighting".