'Eremophila' Design by Kim Shipton | Heirloom Fibrecraft

Biophilic Design has been described as ‘love of nature’ and ‘love for life’.

A large portion of BD embraces connecting architecture, the built environment, people and nature through sensory experience. 

As I research biophilic design examples across the globe I notice the use of two core principles; natural light and greenery (and the health benefits associated to these).  

Earlier in my life I was absorbed in Permaculture Design and hold an ongoing passion for nature conservation. Today as interior and textile designer, I can see how all of these fields are blended in Heirloom's product range and services. People who see my wallpaper designs in various leaf motifs immediately sigh and imagine their lives returning to a more nature integrated experience. Its lovely to watch.  

Heirloom Fibrecraft aims to connect people with nature on a visual level; through local native plant awareness; natural colour (Heirloom’s dyes are extracted from over 40 species of plants). On a tactile level; our ecowool felt cushions, silk rugs, sustainable wood furniture and all-natural interior soft furnishings deliver a truly sensory and natural experience to people.