'Orbifolia' Design by Kim Shipton | Heirloom Fibrecraft

Biophilic Design has been described as ‘love of nature’ and ‘love for life’.

A large portion of BD embraces connecting architecture, the built environment, people and nature through sensory experience. 

My path is very much aligned with this principle, at an interior design / lifestyle level. After relocating the Heirloom Fibrecraft brand to Waratah Court in Mona Vale, I sit back and observe how the product connects people with nature on a visual level; through plant motifs of our local environment; natural colour (Heirloom’s dyes are extracted from native plants). On a tactile level; our ecowool felt cushions, silk rugs, sustainable wood furniture and all-natural interior soft furnishings deliver a truly sensory experience to people; both to craft producer and craft consumer. Add a few drops of our bush flower extract and dried native flora installations and one is almost transformed to a guided meditation through a National Park. Lastly, I listen to the water fountain feature outside in the peaceful courtyard location and an occasional distant bird. It has become apparent that my next step is to enhance the courtyard with further plant life and greenery to develop a nature regenerative community area. Stay tuned for images and posts….