Marena Von Behr, Aura Parker, Madeleine Northey, Lucinda Chambers,

Hannah Gibbs and Kim Shipton 



Curated by: Studio Bonnie.


Contemporary Textiles in Synergy marks the collaboration of six textile artists and designers with varied and distinctive techniques that draw meaning and aesthetic from the artists’ local environment. Showcasing a visual explosion of texture, colour, pattern and form the exhibit demonstrates a narrative of innovative textile art, craft, printmaking, illustration and collage.

Curated by textile design team Aura Parker and Marena Von Behr of Studio Bonnie, who collaborate as illustrator and interior designer, the duo presents a distinctive platform and aesthetic space to launch their new aquatic and nature inspired screenprints and handcrafted textiles. Celebrating the influence of art-and-textile in a contemporary context, designs by Hannah Gibbs compliment the aesthetic values of this nature inspired exhibit, where captured light and silhouette inspires her abstract screenprints.   

A compelling insight into historical and traditional textile art is presented by Madeleine Northey who applies an A to Z study of embroidered historical patterns from around the world. Layered mediums of new works by Lucinda Chambers introduces 17thand 18thcentury stumpwork embroidery, sewing and collage to form botanical textile sculptures of mixed genres between still life and landscape. The three-dimensional textile form extends to Kim Shipton who hand stitches layered cloth that relies on a chemical reaction between plant and mordant to create patterns which resembles insects and their habitat.

The exhibit invites people to participate in short workshops in screenprinting and embroidery. The Incinerator Artspace is located within an iconic Walter Burley-Griffin building with a top level café above the exhibition space.



January 01, 2016 — Kim Shipton