Artisan specializes in the manual, ‘handicraft’, production of high quality furniture made from solid wood, sourced from renewable timbers in Northern Europe. Environmentally friendly finishes complete Artisan’s hand crafted production methods and advanced timber technologies which coined their philosophy We Love Wood. Respect for the aesthetic of wood and forest is represented in the company's designs and products which will be shared with future generations. 

The Artisan factory is located in Bosnia and has operated for 50 years as the traditional woodwork shop Ćostović.  In 2009 the ARTECO Wood Technology Centre was formed by Artisan to establish a new movement within the Bosnia-Herzegovina wood industry. 

Today, Artisan works with a collective of approximately 20 European designers, each with multi award winning recognition to collaborate the interior furnishing range.

Heirloom Fibrecraft has selected an introductory launch of Artisan occasional tables, floor lamps, shelving, sideboards and consoles. Custom orders for any Artisan Furniture pieces can be arranged from our store with a lead time of approximately 16 weeks.

Artisan enquiries can be directed to: