Level 1 - Enhance 

A complimentary service with image rendering & product selection (maximum 1 room). Clients who are seeking to upgrade a room with Heirloom Fibrecraft’s soft furnishings may require some guidance or recommendation for balancing the existing colours and textures within their space. Client supplies a quality image of their space 800KB to 1MB.


Level 2 – Professional Styling

A rendered design concept, per room, based on a client’s design brief and project requirements. By quotation.


Level 3 - Interior Design

Hourly rate consultancy and site visit to produce:

  • Enhancements to existing design scheme
  • Design Concept & Schedule of Finishes
  • Procurement; art, furniture, accessories, objects – sourcing a piece to create a statement or complete a space
  • Project design; full construction drawings and documentation