Our Styling, Colour Consulting & Design Services include:
|| Site Visit + Hourly rate consultancy
|| Spatial relations planning :-
* Creating or developing an existing floor plan
* Assessing key furniture pieces to fit the space with ideal circulation flow. May include introducing new furniture or adding to existing furniture. Removing ‘clutter’ to provide a smooth layout that optimises the client’s unique lifestyle. Considering natural light, introducing new lighting, heating/cooling, room aesthetics to enhance
          || Colour Concepts :-
    * Developing a colour theme for the space and introducing additional, complimentary colours where required.
    * Developing texture
    || Styling and sourcing new furniture, soft furnishings (upholstery, window dressings,   floor coverings, lamps, cushions) and decorative accessories
           || Art procurement
           || Interior design concept(s) including floor plan and elevation drawings
           || Schedule of finishes &/or furniture
           || Pre build materials selection