Ceiling pendant lampshade - Eucalypt "Longifolia'

Heirloom lampshades are made from all natural textiles and dyed by hand using Australian native plants. This colourfast technique relies on direct contact between leaf and textile by applying pressure and heat. 

Colour & Description: The ‘Longifolia’ design selects beautifully slender and elongated leaves which release a golden brown hue. The cloth is an open weave wool. 

Designer-Maker's Comment: "The aroma of citrus fruit and heated Eucalyptus oils fill my senses as I unwind the string that presses the textile surface against the native plant foliage. Over 40 species of Australian plants (Grevillea, Melaleuca, Acacia, Mallee and more) offer an abundance of beautiful natural dyes (minerals which are released when heated). The outline of the actual leaf is imprinted onto the cloth in exact motif and design composition. I select premium quality, all-natural textiles” (Kim Shipton).

Size:  22" x 22" x 14" high. 

Availability: This design is Made to Order (allow approx 4 weeks).  Small variations occur in every dye production. An image of the print will be sent to you during production for approval.  

We also sell 1metre or 3metre suspension cords and shade diffusers.