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TABLE LAMP - Ceramic with Snowgum Light Shade


Heirloom Table Lamps function as bedside table lamps and loungeroom ambient lighting. 

The beehive ceramic base is cream with a gloss finished. Includes a lampshade in Eucalyptus design; 'Snowgum Light' on premium cotton.  

Colour & Description: 'Snowgum Light' print offers yellow-orange-sepia-purple hues on a soft white background.

Designer's Comment: “Heirloom textiles are created from original hand dyed cloth using assorted native plants and Eucalyptus leaves that emboss and dye the surface. Pattern, colour and shapes are then selected for digital composition and commercial printing".  Kim Shipton

Base Size is approx. 15cm high x 15cm wide. Shade height is 25.5cm

TABLE LAMP - Ceramic with Snowgum Light Shade

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