Chakra Tie - MONET
Chakra Tie - MONET Chakra Tie - MONET Chakra Tie - MONET

The Chakra Tie is a decorative accessory, designed to keep the throat warm while draping a silky element over the decolletage.

A knitted silk ribbon serves as the choker while a satin silk piece is woven through the choker to create an elegant feature (looks perfect with a tuxedo shirt or favourite jacket). The satin piece is dyed in Eucalyptus extract, which can be removed in Summer and worn individually as a scarf. 

There are many styling options; tie, drape and bow, sitting to the front, back or side. 

Colour: Hues of purple, navy and blue-grey decorate this elegant piece. 

Size is approx 9cm wide and 180cm long.