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DESCRIPTION: Heirloom's 'Wild Fibre' scarves and wraps are hand woven in Tibet using local wool and wild Eri silk (humanely harvested silk, post pupae). Pure eri silk offers a beautiful weight and shimmery texture. The community of weavers establish their own Fair Trade standards whereby profits are distributed for educational and health needs within the working villages. Each Eri shawl is hand dyed in Heirloom's studio using assorted Eucalyptus leaves that are heated with natural ingredients that include tannins, citrus and alkalis. The process releases minerals stored in the leaves which bond with the natural textile (offering a colourfast result). The colours and print are blue-grey-green leaves on a steel blue-grey background. 

MATERIALS: 100% Eri Silk. Tassel end finish.

CARE: Easy care instructions are provided. Handwash only.

SIZE: 70x220cm.

ARTIST'S COMMENT: "The aroma of citrus fruit and heated Eucalyptus oils fill my senses as I unwind the string that presses the textile surface against the native plant foliage. Over 40 species of Australian plants (Eucalyptus, Grevillea, Melaleuca and more) offer an abundance of beautiful natural dyes (minerals which are released when heated). The outline of the actual leaf is imprinted onto the cloth in exact motif and design composition. Every dye outcome is random and unique; influenced by the season and age of the plant” (Kim Shipton).



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