Merino Wool Knit Wrap - FLAMETREE
Merino Wool Knit Wrap - FLAMETREE Merino Wool Knit Wrap - FLAMETREE

Quality 100% Australian Merino wool is grown, milled and woven in Tasmania in a soft and lightweight weave which is dyed by hand using blended native plant extract.

The FLAMETREE palette and print is dynamic with contrasting gold, orange and purple leaves.   

Each shawl is dyed with blended Eucalyptus leaves that are heated with natural ingredients which include citrus and alkalis. The exciting colour outcome produces small variations between each dye bath, creating an art piece which is functional and colourfast to wash (easy care instructions provided). The native dye plants are grown in the Heirloom studio garden or supplied by specialist growers around Australia’s native flora climatic regions.

The age old process of using plants for natural dyes without polluting chemicals also allows plant matter to be recycled into the garden or green waste system. Heirloom’s natural textiles are unbleached and exclude chemicals which may often be in contact with our skin.

SHAWL Size: 103cm wide x 220cm long.