RUG - bamboo & silk - PORCELAIN
RUG - bamboo & silk - PORCELAIN RUG - bamboo & silk - PORCELAIN RUG - bamboo & silk - PORCELAIN RUG - bamboo & silk - PORCELAIN RUG - bamboo & silk - PORCELAIN


Hand-knotted bamboo silk.

The perfect foundation of your space is one of beauty, quality and meaningful harmony. The Porcelain rug forms this substance and attracts a unique calmness within.

It's hand knotted from bamboo silk taking one master weaver four months to create such a centrepiece of detail. Each hand-spun yarn is coloured deliberately, allowing all colours to synchronise collectively and authentically. Set a strikingly luxurious vision upon your floors with the Porcelain rug.

  • Quality 8/8 Nepalese Knot.

SIZE: 250x300cm

COLOUR: Images are indicative only of the true colour. There may be variance between each hand made rug. Heirloom showroom displays a selection of Tribe rugs for client reference and design assistance. 

SUPPLIED & MANUFACTURED by Tribe. Tribe's philosophy is "... at the heart of every home lays a beautiful hand-made rug. Together we can help preserve the craft of hand-made rugs globally whilst contributing to the welfare of those in the carpet weaving regions...". Tribe Rugs are founded on the 'Care & Fair human project' which works towards terminating unjust practice in Indi and provides financial support in the creation of school and training opportunities as well as in primary health care. Tribe rugs carry a Fair trade label to indicate their ethical commitment to fair wages, trade and conduct. 



FREE SHIPPING offer, Australia wide for standard locations and for rugs under 30kg. For deliveries that require a specified day and/or time window, a charge of $75 per order applies.
Shipping times within Australia are estimated between 2-14 business days depending on the client's location (excludes PO boxes or locker boxes).
1-7 business days (VIC, SA)
2-9 business days (NSW, TAS)
3-12 business days (QLD)
5-14 business days (WA) 


Check the label of your product for care of specific fibres in the rug. It is recommended to vacuum Tribe rugs on a high brush setting in a 'V' direction (not back and forth), on a weekly basis.  It is also highly recommended to treat your floor covering with Premium Surface Protection’s (PSP) Fiber ProTector; a multi-dimensional product designed to protect your rug from stains and damaging effects of UVA and UVB rays. The cost is approximately $200 for a 200x300cm rug. Contact PSP to arrange application -