HAND DYED Cushion - 40cm - EMBER/EARTH
HAND DYED Cushion - 40cm - EMBER/EARTH HAND DYED Cushion - 40cm - EMBER/EARTH


Colour & DescriptionBeautiful, hand crafted, silk cushions (2 currently available as mirror pair) in Eucalyptus theme; Ember/Earth design. The front panel is made from heavy silk habutai in hues of gold-pink-tan. The reverse side is made from cream coloured tussah with hidden fold zipper access. A quality full feather cushion insert is included (humanely made - post consumer). The design matches many of our cushions as mix and match styling options.  

Designer-Maker's technique: "The aroma of citrus fruit and heated Eucalyptus oils fill my senses as I unwind the string that presses the textile surface against the native plant foliage. Over 40 species of Australian plants (Eucalyptus, Grevillea, Melaleuca and more) offer an abundance of natural dyes (minerals which are released when heated). The contour outline of real  leaves are imprinted onto the cloth. Every dye outcome is random and unique; influenced by the season and age of the plant” (Kim Shipton)

Size: 40cm wide x 40cm long.

Materials: Silk, tussah and feather.

Care: Gentle machine wash in chemical free Ecostore wool wash. Easy Instructions provided.