WOCA Worktop Oil (maintaining)


Suitable for all Artisan wooden furniture

Worktop oil is for re-oiling your Artisan Furniture piece every 6-12 months (or more, depending on usage and exposure to sun or air-conditioning). 

Worktop Oil is an air-hardening oil that penetrates deep into the wood, leaving a tough water- and stain-resistant surface. The oil highlights the wood’s natural glow and gives the surface a natural, fresh appearance. Worktop Oil can be used on surfaces that are untreated or that have previously been oil-treated/sanded.


TEM NO. 527814AA

Oiling of wooden worktops and furniture

  • Provides a dirt and water-resistant surface
  • Natural appearance
  • Can be used on all wood varieties
  • Highlights the glow and grain structure of the wood
  • Safe for food contact

750ml  - Select either NATURAL or WHITE (white pigmented oil furniture)

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