Wool Abstract Scarf - DESERT
Wool Abstract Scarf - DESERT Wool Abstract Scarf - DESERT

Colour & Description – The Abstract Weave stole is made from 100% wool with a square open weave style to add layering intrigue. Three colourfast hues in yellow, orange and desert red have been extracted from Australian native plants. Twisted silk tassel ends included.

Size: approx 60cm wide x 200cm long

Designer-Maker's technique: "The aroma of citrus fruit and heated Eucalyptus oils fill my senses as I expose and conceal some of the textile surface into the assorted dye baths. Over 40 species of Australian plants (Eucalyptus, Grevillea, Melaleuca and more) offer an abundance of beautiful natural dyes (minerals which are released when heated).

Care: Gentle machine wash in Ecostore wool wash. Easy Instructions provided.