RUG // 100% silk, GREY SANCTUARY

$1,100.00 $3,190.00


Composition: 100% authentic silk.

Create an intriguing foundation to your interior with the Sanctuary rug with it's warm and cosy hues and subtle motif.  

    SIZE: 200x300cm 

    COLOUR: Images are indicative only of the true colour. There may be variance between each hand made rug.

    SHIPPING: By quotation Australia wide. 


    Check the label of your product for care of specific fibres in the rug. It is recommended to vacuum the rug on a high brush setting in a 'V' direction (not back and forth), on a weekly basis.  It is also highly recommended to treat your floor covering with Premium Surface Protection’s (PSP) Fiber ProTector; a multi-dimensional product designed to protect your rug from stains and damaging effects of UVA and UVB rays. The cost is approximately $200 for a 200x300cm rug. Contact PSP to arrange application -